5 Rules Of Holding A Productive Virtual Meeting

Holding virtual meetings of the company’s board of directors requires no less preparation than usual. To make it happen as quickly and efficiently as possible, you may need the practical advice prepared in this article.

1. Start and end meetings on time

Time is one of the most valuable resources that need to be managed consciously and competently. We strive to build our work in such a way that everyone is comfortable, and no one’s time is wasted. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid being late, and in this case, the obligatory step is to warn colleagues about this.

2. Determine the list of participants, send the meeting agenda and materials for discussion in advance, follow the time limit

Invite to the meeting only those people whose participation is really necessary and will be useful. If employees are well prepared, they will be able to make a valuable contribution to the discussion, present interesting and fresh ideas.

It takes courage, and it may take you a couple of meetings to prove that you are serious about not letting your time be wasted. You or your designated employee must persistently remind you of exceeding the time limit. We planned 15 minutes for the presentation, which means that after 15 minutes the time was up. After a while, everyone in the company will already understand that in 15 minutes you cannot tell a presentation of 50 slides. Also under your vigilant control should be a time limit for one statement. Two minutes is enough the meeting is not the place for lengthy monologues. Gently stop those who get carried away and make sure that everyone present has their say – otherwise, why did you gather all these people? Savings can exceed 30 minutes.

3. Inform the organizers about your participation in the meeting

Responding to an invitation received by e-mail is just one click, which greatly simplifies the work of the meeting organizers. Even at the planning stage, they set the time, focusing on the electronic calendars of employees, and choose the time that is sure to suit the majority.

In addition, participants who know who will come to the meeting and who will not be able to better prepare and time their performances.

4. Schedule no more than two meetings a day

As practice shows, if more than two meetings are scheduled per day, it is difficult to devote sufficient time to other matters. In addition, we usually do not make appointments at the very beginning and end of the working day.

5. Send the results of the meeting to the participants

The organizers of the meeting within two days send all participants the results, agreements, or distribution of areas of responsibility that were reached as a result of the meeting. So the participants will remember their obligations, and after a while, it will be easier to track the implementation of tasks.

Record in writing all decisions made at the meeting. And necessarily with the dates of execution and responsible for each issue. Such minutes of the meeting should be distributed to all participants. If you conducted the meeting well and accurately formulated all the outstanding issues, this protocol will serve as the basis for the agenda of the new meeting. If there is no protocol, then the meeting was wasted. Because it will not be followed by any concrete action.

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